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I’m shit at watching shows

I swear, this scenario plays out at least once a week. I am asked by friends or coworkers – “Did you watch the show X? A new season is up!” and my usual reply is an awkward face and a reply , cause I never heard of it. They cry in disbelief, surprised that I’m absolutely flippant about missing all the hit shows of the season…at least the live action ones. Yes, that’s the weird…

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Voltron Season 8 – A short review of an awkward finale

For starters I will say this – I love this show. It has amazingly fluid animation, kickass music (I get a strong Mass Effect vibe from some tracks), lots of action, spiffy technobabble and wonderfully imaginative designs (those planets! I love the Olkari!). The voice actors did an outstanding job voicing a cast of memorable and relatable characters that I quickly fell in love with. There aren’t many shows that got me so hooked into…

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