Original Characters

Vycral Arys (Lostbank City)

Born to a dwarven Rune Smith and a Heidren noblewoman, Vycral inherited most of her father’s jovial temper and his love for crafts with little regard for the etiquette inherent to her mother’s peers. Always curious and with a strong thirst for adventure, Vycral is quick to act when an opportunity for a treasure hunt presents itself.

Vycral by ArtMamoon

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Design & Character Sheet: ArtMamoon

Sketches: PlaviGmaz

Skjold (Lostbank City)

An orphan of the orc tribes, Skjold is a mercenary, taken in and raised by the assassin clans of the north. Calm, calculating and not without sarcastic wit, Skjold is often the first to put a hold on the reckless ideas of his associates.

Skjold by ArtMamoon

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Design & Character Sheet: ArtMamoon

Anvil (Darksiders)

Shortly before the slaughter of the Ravaiim, Anvil is one of the few Nephilim openly opposing Absalom’s plans of conquest. Branded a traitor and imprisoned for years in a long forgotten Kingdom, a twist of fate sees the exiled blacksmith free once more in a universe where the Nephilim are all but extinct…

Anvil by ArtMamoon

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Design & Art: ArtMamoon