Savitar is a series about the adventures of an unlikely duo:

Professor Benjamin Lazarus – mostly-human former teacher at the Kolbar VI Science Academy. “Pressured” by other scientists he took a involunatry leave of abscence. Wandering through dimensons he came across Savitar – a ship of an unknown race, that he turned into an one of a kind research vessel, equipped with an experimental interdimensional engine.

Vrago is a kingdom in one person – literally. When the treasure hunter Fara found a dying acolite in ancient ruins, her whole life was turned upside down. Due to an accident, her mind became occupied by Vrago – an ancient kingdom stripped of it’s material form by it’s mad king. Since then Vrago has been travelling through dimensions, hoping to find a way to separate the woman from the state.

Victims of coincidence, they started working together, exploring different dimensions, searching for adventure…and trouble. Savitar is a series of light space opera stories where the readers get to choose what fate has in store for our heroes.

Savitar: Broń jedyna w swoim rodzaju #1
Savitar: Broń jedyna w swoim rodzaju #2