Savitar: One of a kind weapon #1

Galmara in Universe 342. The most important object in the Common Territories. A huge, constantly evolving space station that has no equal. It’s not as prestigious as, let’s say, The Jewel of Commonwealth, but it is here that all the most important intergalactic alliances and deals are made. Of course, everything is totally unofficial. Galmara is a place with a booming black market and the popular saying says that if something you want isn’t available aboard this station, then it probably doesn’t exist. Of course, in a galaxy so huge and unexplored this can’t be true, but a fact is a fact – Galmara can surprise even the most picky customer.

Such an important place, filled with contradictions and danger, could not survive without a ruler with an iron fist. Galmara needs an administrator whose decisions will be accepted by every sensible being – either out of fear or respect. Preferably both. Of course no one dares to argue that Ssiranis of the reptillian Vissari race is such a capable administrator. No one, because all that did found themselves on the less friendly side of the airlock. Madame administrator saw to that. Read more