Savitar: One of a kind weapon #1

Galmara in Universe 342. The most important object in the Common Territories. A huge, constantly evolving space station that has no equal. It’s not as prestigious as, let’s say, The Jewel of Commonwealth, but it is here that all the most important intergalactic alliances and deals are made. Of course, everything is totally unofficial. Galmara is a place with a booming black market and the popular saying says that if something you want isn’t available aboard this station, then it probably doesn’t exist. Of course, in a galaxy so huge and unexplored this can’t be true, but a fact is a fact – Galmara can surprise even the most picky customer.

Such an important place, filled with contradictions and danger, could not survive without a ruler with an iron fist. Galmara needs an administrator whose decisions will be accepted by every sensible being – either out of fear or respect. Preferably both. Of course no one dares to argue that Ssiranis of the reptillian Vissari race is such a capable administrator. No one, because all that did found themselves on the less friendly side of the airlock. Madame administrator saw to that.

Ssiranis was reading the current criminal activity report in her office. She worked hard to make the cold, dark room a bit more like the warm, jungle colony she was born in. It wasn’t perfect, but she wasn’t someone who’d complain. She worked hard to achieve her current position, too hard to be getting homesick now. The station constantly required her utmost attention, especially when someone smuggled illegal weapons on board.

On her order, four massive Povarian guards brought two people into her office. The man, Benjamin Lazarus, former proffesor at the Science Academy at Kolbar VI in Universe 89, wondered how to get out this mess. His ship, The Savitar, jumped into this Universe preciselly twelve hours ago, using up all the morphomatter reserves in the process. The professor spent his first six hours searching for a morphomatter source, which was necessary to power up Savitar’s interdimensional drive. When he got the vital information, he had to prepare. Morphomatter was highly illegal in the Common Territories, so he boarded Galmara armed with a disguise and a plan. Unfortunately both soon turned out to be useless.

The woman, Vrago, a treasure hunter from Universe 665, was released from a paralysing statis crystal barely an hour ago. She wasn’t aware that since her capture by slavers two months had passed. She was however still dizzy after her involuntary hibernation. It was hard to focus, hard to coordinate her moves…and she was completely naked. Luckily for her, she wasn’t the type to get flustered by nudeness. Right now her mind was focused on where she were, because the last thing she remembered were ruins on planet Purram, where she was searching for an artifact that could help her with a certain…condition.

Ssiranis was observing them very closely. Both were hideous, like all humans. The middle aged male was high and of lean build. His black hair and beard were showing signs of going gray. The administrator notice some synthetic elements on his skin – the security scans showed no danger but they weren’t conclusive as to what these implants were responsible for. His eyes were also artificial, glowing with a bright, white light.

Unfortunately the female was a lot worse. She had a really athletic body covered with multiple scars that suggestes she was no stranger to combat. She was shorter than her companion and even nude, with unkempt, long, brown hair, her light green eyes showed nothing but outright rebellion. Ssiranis hated people like her. Well, she hated humanity in general. A few centuries ago, her ancestors decided it was a great idea to mix with human colonists. Nowadays you could find pure Vissari only in holomuseums. The sight of humans made the administrator angry, but human females were the worst. Dumb ears, protruded noses, hairy, lumpy skin were bad enough, but she hated female breasts the most. Thankfully Vissari didn’t lose their oviparity in favour of a mammal reproductory system. That would’ve been way to humiliating…

The administrator gestured to one of the guards. She didn’t try to mask her disgust, she hoped these primtive creatures were aware of it.
Bring her some clothes. Her body is…repulsive. – she hissed. – Humans are such horrid creatures.
When the guard left, Ssiranis went back to reading the report. She hoped that the her prisoners would get more stressed by the awkward silence. Unfortunately for her, both were to preocuppied with planning their escape. They both knew Ssiranis’s lot. Negotiating was pointless, they could only hope than an error on the guards part would allow them to get away.

The guard managed to return quite quickly, but the suit he brought back was ill-fitted to Vrago’s body. It was evident that they prepared it for an alien that had a vaguely human-like physique. Vrago did not complain however, better this than nothing she thought. She dressed under the watchful eye of the guards who had to release her from her cuffs. After she was ready, the administrator asked them:

Don’t you know that being human is a crime in the Common Teritories? A crime punishable by death?
I did come across sush information. – Lazarus replied dryly. No one told him why, but he was told that humans went extinct many years ago. Some species, especially those unable to wage war themselves, tried to harness the human genome for their benefit. Two civilisations – Toham and Regana, managed to clone humans for creating a loyal, efficient army. Unfortunately they underestimated their creations which united and turned on them instead of butchering themselves. The Galactic Commonwealth decided to put an end to the “human menace” once and for all, but both Toham and Regana were unlucky – they didn’t manage to survive till the end. The surviving races passed a bill that banned cloning humans for warfare.

And if that wasn’t enought, you tried to buy large quantities of morphomatter, which is also highly illegal… – the administrator then turned to Vrago. – …and you were supposed to be sold on the market like a common blaster or knife. We took care of the slaver that wanted to sell you. As for you and your friend you’ll share the fate of every illegal weapon – desintegration.
Ssiranis didn’t say anything more. The silence drew out while the administrator observed their reaction curiously. She didn’t have to wait long, since Vrago lost her patience.
If you expect us to beg for mercy, then you’ve got another thing coming. – she said. Her snark was limited by the unpleasant suit. – It’s not the first time we have to deal with people like you so end this threat charade and tell us what you need from us.
Lazarus looked at Vrago with interest. That was a bold move, but she was right – if the administrator wanted them dead, the guards would’ve killed them on the spot. She wanted something, and now they only had to wait for her to tell them what that was…

To be continued in Savitar: One of a kind weapon #2 (to-be-translated ;))

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