FAEGRAN – Burning Bridges

– Ulfryn, made by Loki.
The woman raised her head, gazing with dismay at the approaching god. exHorus was a rare sight to behold but his arrival bore undoubtebly ill news.
– You’re not welcome here. – she snapped at her guest. His presence was dangerous and will attract unwanted attention to the relative peace of her home dimension. – I don’t think there’s any place in all of Faegran where you’d be met with hospitality, Fallenseer.
Her disapproval didn’t stop the god from approaching her. A fullblooded Forgeborn, exHorus towered above Ulfryn. Even though he almost could reach the top of her house, the woman didn’t feel intimidated by his presence. She was more than used to Forgeborn trying to bully her into submission with stature, threats or violence. She was a filthy hybrid, born outside of the Play – a thing thought impossible and abhorrent.
– I don’t seek your hospitality. I seek your maker. – exHorus replied with the unnerving composure that was present around him at all times. Even after exile, hunted by all the other Theater Gods, exHorus presented himself with the regality fitting his former station of Overseer. It took extra effort to look all clean and noble though. Many gods turned into mindless beasts but some retained their form and their minds, though shattered, remembered that exHorus knew their fate long before the Blight struck. And they were not the forgiving sort.
As if ignoring him, Ulfryn went back to her table and resumed planing the next plank. Two days ago she got an idea to tame a wild jaranka or two, start a herd. That felt like a nice idea but the creatures needed shelter so she took to building a stable for them first.
– I’m patient, I won’t leave till I get my answer. – exHorus noted, piercing her with his pale eyes while she continued her work.
– Well, you won’t get one from me. You’re not the first one to come. Even the Raven-Shunned himself was here. He threatened me, he insulted me, he even tried to attack me. And you know what he accomplished? Nothing. – she laughed unpleasantly, putting all her disdain for the Theater into her taunt.
– The longer I linger here, the more likely I’ll attract the Blighted to your peaceful abode. It’s now as much your business to disclose Loki’s location, as it is mine to learn it.
Ulfryn paused her work. That jaranka herd was a very nice idea.
The woman put down her tools and turned to the house entrance. exHorus observed from his spot, indifferent to her movement. By the door, there was a barrel and Ulfryn reached deep inside it. Grasping on her find she turned towards the disgraced god, revealing a dismembered Thorspawn head.
– You are right, Fallenseer. More of you kind will come.
exHorus wasn’t one to show much emotion but one could think his expression turned to surprise, when he noticed the sadness in her voice.
– I thought I had some peace, but first Odin, then Hermes and then Thor’s blighted progeny. And now you. You just won’t leave us alone, will you?
She threw the head and it slowly rolled down the reddish grass covered hill her house stood upon.
– I won’t stop them coming, made by Loki. But you survived the Blight unharmed. So did your father. I need to know how.
– You survived as well, figure it out on your own. – she scoffed at his remark, going back to the woodworking table.
– I was removed from the Play at my own request, by Faegran itself. That is what earned me the scorn of Odin, Zeus and the rest of my brethren.
Ulfryn took pause and looked at him. She knew much, but this information came as a surprise. The conspiracy surrounding the Theater of Gods grew thicker with each story. She knew her father went to great lengths to protect them from the Blight, but she didn’t know what he did and how. He was a caring parent but very secretive and prone to deception, even against his own flesh.
– You’re very candid, Fallenseer. One could think you’re trying to earn a favour just by being honest. – she noted, crossing her arms.
– Is it so uncommon to seek allies in desperate times? – the rhetorical question came to strike her both with surprise and outrage.
– Allies?! – she snapped. – We are far from that, exiled one. You can’t force the information you need, so you stoop to using glamorous words to fool me into betraying my own father?! There is no limit to how low you can fall…
Ulfryn picked up a torch she used to light up the surrounding area.
– I am sick of your kind, treating everyone outside your Forgeborn heritage as puppets in your damn Play. You all deserve the Blight ten times over.
With strong swing, she threw the torch towards the roof of her house. The fire quickly started spreading and as they both were silent, the crackling sound of burning hay and wood spread across the hill.
– The Theater is inept but stubborn. You won’t leave my family till the mess you caused is cleaned up. – she spoke with a morbid calm, much in contrast to her previous fury. – I will take care of your mistake but you might not like what will be left once I’m done.
With that added, in a flash of bright light a small red ship appeared in the sky and Ulfryn dissolved into thin air. exHorus calmly stood by and watched as the vessel took flight, leaving him alone with fire consuming the peace Loki’s daughter had built.

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    1. Thank you Kurumi! It’s still raw and the lore is all over the place in my head, but it’s the most fun I had with writing in a long time! 😀

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