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Unknown Factors

I’ve been watching the third season of Young Justice lately, called Young Justice: Outsiders. So far it’s pretty cool but watching the episode Unknown Factors, I didn’t feel too good…

Ok, so obviously spoilers ahead. In this episode, Karen Beecher’s (Bumblebee) and Malcolm Duncan’s (Guardian) daughter is born and the doctor midwifing the birth says something is wrong with the baby and they take her to examine it closer, do an x-ray.

In the next scene, Rhea is in an incubator with tons of sensors and tubes and I feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable cause that’s how my Natalie looked both at birth and right before her death. Turns out the baby has a heart issue, a hole in the ventricle. Karen shrinks to patch up the hole and then, remembering her genetic engineering diploma and a car talk with Mal about “giving their daughter an edge”, she shrinks further to modify her genome. To what extent? We yet don’t know.

I felt very distraught after the episode and at first I had a hard time to say if it was more because of the depiction of a critically ill baby, the labour trauma both me and my wife experienced when Natalie was born or maybe the whole genetic modification thing? In general I’m not against genetic mods for health, so I thought I felt it was a huge risk to tamper with your childs genome right after patching up her heart. Then I realized…I was simply jealous over fiction being better than real life.

It happened to me before watching Star Trek Voyager and the ease with which the Doctor cured some neurological health issues. Hell, I’d like to shrink or pull a hypospray or some science-magical flashing light that would heal my child of her brain damage, so that she could now be alive.

It’s been four months since Dumpling passed away. I am not OK and I’m sure I won’t ever “be over it”, the pain will always be there. I miss her and I’d give a lot to have her again with me, to hug her and sing her a song.

I want a TV show solution for making life less painful but I won’t have it. It sucks, but I have to live with that…

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  1. Fables thank you so much for sharing this! It’s difficult when we’re just trying to do something we enjoy and suddenly there’s a big reminder of a painful moment in our lives. You put it into words perfectly and I’m grateful to be able to read it.

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