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I’m shit at watching shows

I swear, this scenario plays out at least once a week. I am asked by friends or coworkers – “Did you watch the show X? A new season is up!” and my usual reply is an awkward face and a reply , cause I never heard of it. They cry in disbelief, surprised that I’m absolutely flippant about missing all the hit shows of the season…at least the live action ones.

Yes, that’s the weird thing. While I have little patience for watching live actions shows, I’m a total animation hog. I love watching animated shows and while I’m not too much into anime anymore, I love Western animation with all my heart. I binged the first six seasons of Voltron in mere days, often staying up late to watch them all. The same happened with both Young Justice and Gravity Falls, while DuckTales was spared till now only because I was waiting for new episodes of season 1 and forgot about checking on them for a while.

Voltron: Legendary Defender (source: Vox) – Shiro and Lance are still bae

What’s the difference? What makes me frown at the thought of watching an episode of a hit live action show while I’m more than ready to pull an all-nighter watching a whole season of a cartoon? I feel change begun in me with the Battlestar Galactica reboot, back in the early 2000s. It was grim, it was dark and it was badass – totally different from other, more lighthearted sci-fi shows of that era. And whilst I enjoyed it immensely, it later felt that a lot of shows went for the same gritty, dark, dramatic take. When my daughter Natalie was born heavily disabled, I felt drifting away from the grim tone of shows and games even more. I had enough darkness and despair in my everyday life to enjoy it in fiction…

That’s not to say that I mind if a game/show has a heavy plot and dramatic events, far from it. I love Voltron and it was heavy on drama, but it had the right balance of seriousness, lighthearted banter and exciting adventure. Perhaps that is also why I prefer season 2 of Star Trek Discovery to season 1? The mood felt lighter and it’s hard not to mention the ray of gentlemanly sunshine that is Captain Christopher Pike played by Anson Mount 😉

DuckTales (source: YouTube) – I still have a hard time understanding Donald

I am watching DuckTales right now and it’s a show that truly defines what I love in stories – the characters have unique fun quirks, the adventure is exciting, the jokes are hilarious and there’s the sweet, moving family moment as the proverbial cherry on top.

This is what endears me to stories faster than any amount of edgy grit ever will. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

4 thoughts on “I’m shit at watching shows”

  1. I am inclined to agree with your assessment on the dark and gritty.
    I don’t watch a lot of current shows for that exact reason.
    Take Grey’s Anatomy, for example, they started as a light hearted take on life as a surgical intern. As the series progressed, it started down a darker path.
    If it continued on with the light-hearted and only added a touch of darkness from time to time, I’d be happy… but no, they mostly just introduce new characters so they have more people to kill.

    Give me cartoons any day! ?

    1. The kill-off-for-drama trend in shows is really irritating, cause it leads to a graveyard of cool characters that were denied more development :/ Also, the “let’s make this character EVIL all of a sudden!” move is quite popular lately :/ That’s why cartoons are better – they have that but not permanent and it’s not the focal point of the story that everyone is shit and bad inside, quite the opposite.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I read and watch stories for their escapism, and I don’t want to escape to a dark place where people are hurtful and life is pointless. I like hope, and I like humor, and I’ll never stop choosing cartoons over gritty dark dramas for that reason. Great post!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, sometimes gritty is important – for a genre or the tone of the story, but if it’s only dark all the time, it starts to taste bad. Some people like grit in their shows all the time, I’m a big fan of fun and humor! 😀

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